A powerful argument for blocking Wisconsin’s voter ID law

The following is from Larry Miller’s blog.  You can go to: http://millermps.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/a-powerful-argument-for-blocking-wisconsins-voter-id-law  and see the video presented as well as read the entire article.  There is also information about how you can weigh in on the criminal activities of those rigging the election this year. Cap Times editorial  Posted: Friday, March 2, 2012 University of […]

Revealed: The 'secret' app installed on millions of mobile phones that records your keystrokes, your browsing and reads your messages

No one is naive enough to think that the ruling class in this country or elsewhere is set to allow Occupy ‘anything’ to get in the way of profits, control and authoritarianism, are they? Bush set the ground work for all the illegal spying, warrantless wiretaps, Patriot Act and the whole kit and kaboodle that […]

Who's to blame in the UK riots

The police, politicians and some media outlets are all blaming technology for the riots. The people are blaming an ignorant government. The two sides don’t seem like they’re going to meet anytime soon. British MP David Lammy has called for social networking sites to be shut down, but, if they did that, then those who […]

Prison Phone Rates Exploit Prisoners’ Families With Kickbacks to States

Press Release from Prison Legal News Nationwide Research Finds Excessive Prison Phone Rates Exploit Prisoners’ Families Brattleboro, VT – Prison Legal News (PLN), a monthly publication that covers criminal justice-related issues, released a report this past weekend at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston that examines prison phone rates nationwide. The report, based […]


CENSORED IN 1977: ELECTRONIC SMOG     “Studies have linked sustained microwave exposure to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, loss of judgment, leukemia, cataracts, changes in the blood-brain barrier, heart trouble, and central nervous disorders.” Yet a cover-up exists. The food industry uses microwaves to roast peanuts and coffee beans, freeway call-boxes use microwaves, burglar alarms […]