Florida: sit-in planned for Gov. Crist's office Fridaythe 16th: Stopping race and class segregation through Race to the Top

But the teacher’s initial fear is giving way to something else. They are calling in sick in Miami-Dade. Their student allies are walking out of classrooms and into the streets in protest. Their parent allies have conducted a hunger strike and marched up and down the state on their behalf.

Steve Poizner, Gubernatorial candidate and charter school board member targets un-documented workers with racist speech at the conservative CPAC

Co-founder and long time California Charter School Association board member and gubernatorial candidate, Steve Poizner targets un-documented workers with racist speech at the conservative CPAC   Charter Schools, segregation and capitalism: they all go together   I have written a great deal about the debilitating and dis-associative effect of charter schools.   “Charter schools, as […]

Charter Schools segregate but more than this they also feed into societal dis-association, disunity and work to vitiate the values we need to build a coherent movement to challenge corporatocracy

This is why I posted the photo I did of a 1950’s class for my article on education. See the picture? All white. Pre-Brown v. Board of Education implementation.
Charter schools, as I and many others have argued for years, is not only a return to Plessy v. Ferguson and a repeal of Brown v. Board of Education, they and those who promote them (the oliarchic shadow government of Gates, Walton Family, Broad, et. al.) promise to destroy public education in entirety and this is the point: without a public we cannot grow the essential moral values such as solidarity, diversity appreciation, equitable opportunities and participatory democracy. Why? Simple, they are privatized enclaves of a “pull-out” society and thus they work to vitiate the above values not support them. They represent ‘hand to hand combat’ in an effort to get an education and not a very good one at that.