Environmental internationalism: Cuba’s new mission?

By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés Since 1959 Cuba has played a significant world role, quite a feat for a nation of 5 million – 11 million now. Cubans have shown their values, commitment and solidarity in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. Between 1960 and 2011, Cuba sent 45 […]

200 miles an hour, really?

I designed my new house to withstand a category 5 hurricane.  If a Hurricane Andrew came through I would probably survive.  But a Tuscaloosa or a Joplin tornado, how do you design for that?  I know my house can take gusts and perhaps sustained 155 mph wind, but 200 mph wind? There was a governmental […]

We Inhabit One World, Interconnected, Interdependent And Interrelated To The Whole

By Will Shonbrun Some of us have been active in political, social justice, civil rights or environmental causes for a good bit of our lives if we’re now in our 60s and 70s. We might have been active in marches, demonstrations and rallies for one cause or another, to some degree of commitment or another. […]

Americans’ Belief in Global Warming Declining

Americans’ Belief in Global Warming Declining By Joey Parigi The number of people in the U.S. who believe in global warming is declining. The republican party has had the most drastic decrease in members who believe that climate change is actually happening, going from 76 to 54 percent in the last 3 and a half […]


Acid rain, caused predominantly by oil and coal burning, smelting, and car exhaust, has been falling throughout most parts of the east coast of the U.S., according to an explosive feature article in Mother Jones, December, 1977. The acidity of the rain contaminates the soils, damages crops, stunts the growth of trees, lowers the pH […]