If the US was overthrown by a criminal empire: an analogy to confront US-Iran history

Would it help to understand the facts to imagine if the US was in Iran’s position? This analogy is the conservative history (non-contested as far as I know) of what the US has done to Iran. Written from an American perspective, here’s the story of what the world would look like to Americans if we were […]

I am the Enemy: A Unionized Public Employee Speaks Back

I Am The Enemy By Michael I. Niman ArtVoice (etc.) 2/24/11 If you listen to any Wall Street banker, right-wing talk radio host, or Republican politician, I am the enemy. I am a public employee. Along with snow plow operators in Wisconsin, meat inspectors in Iowa, welfare fraud investigators in California, transit workers in Chicago, […]

The United Nations position on human rights and the right to organize a union

Educators Network for Social Justice (ENSJ is an independent group of educators working to promote social justice teaching and policy in Milwaukee-area schools. If you wish to join the e-list of ENSJ, send an email to EducatorsNSJ@gmail.com, with “Subscribe to e-list” in the subject line. If you wish to unsubscribe, put “unsubscribe” in the subject line. […]

Roosters, That's What They Are.

At a time when this country’s needs cry out for leaders, we get roosters.  They strut around, spouting off nonsense, acting like teenagers who think they know it all, when in reality they haven’t got a clue.  Elected by a supposed majority of the people voting, they claim to have a mandate.   Except that, of […]

Our Debate Culture—Someone Wins, but Never the Truth

Recently, a colleague asked a few other professors and me to participate in a student debate as part of his first year seminar. Our role in the debate was to evaluate the debate, and of course, choose a winning side. During the debate, I came to recognize something about the debate itself, the college freshmen […]

I'm willing to assume the position

This morning, I woke up to read an article on Ars Technica about the new pat downs that are coming to the nation’s airports. They intend to be extremely thorough. This, of course, is to embarrass people into sheepishly heading over to the full body scanners because they don’t want to be embarrassed. It is […]

The Mosque of Misdirection

By Lew Brown In May of 2010 blogger Pamela Geller, a particularly strident former editor of the New York Daily News and Associate Publisher of rich boy local rag the New York Observer began to shrilly complain, about the renovation of a defunct factory a couple of blocks away from the stinking hole that still […]

Obi Egbuna Challenges Obama to a Debate!

http://blip.tv/file/4002906 US Correspondent to the Zimbabwe Herald, Mr. Obi Egbuna, granted us an exclusive interview this week where he discussed some of the many contradictions US President Barak Obama has regarding Zimbabwe and the lifting of sanctions. Mr. Egbuna also professionally challenged Mr. Barak Obama to a public debate centered on the US sanctions on […]

New Jersey Democrat, Justice Integrity Project Urge ‘No’ On Kagan, Citing Rights Concerns

The Senate should reject Democrat Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination based on her shabby civil rights record that’s apparent from her Department of Justice work, according to a statement July 19 by a Democratic former New Jersey legislator and Jersey City mayoral candidate.