In Vermont Building a business-like university? "the discovery of $10 million in overpayments to a consulting group"

August 15, 2012 Nancy Welch joined the University of Vermont English department in 1995 and helped to launch the successful drive to unionize faculty in 2001. Here, she analyzes the push to hike tuition and impose other neoliberal “reforms” in the wake of several scandals at UVM. WHEN VERMONT Gov. Peter Shumlin convened an advisory […]

Reforming Higher Education at $1400 a Plate

  Are you a hedge fund manager or venture capitalist feeling guilty about being in the 1%? Do you need a philanthropic investment to help polish the image of your brand, sullied by the Occupy protests? Or are you a seeking a way to make huge profits off of the government you love to hate? […]