Paulo Freire's book, 'A Pedagogy of the Oppressed' banned in Tucson: A note from Bill Bigelow and ReThinking Schools

Dear Rethinking Schools friends, Did you see the news last week? On Friday, we learned that our book Rethinking Columbus was banned — along with other books used in Tucson’s Mexican American Studies program, including Paulo Freire’s A Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Rodolfo Acuña’s Occupied America, and Elizabeth Martinez’s 500 Years of Chicano History in […]

More Memos to Alexandra

Alex wrote of the fear she had of American Capitalists growing up and they had an underground shelter at her school in case we bombed them.  There was concern about survival and the Middle East. It looks like your leaders cared a bit more than ours.  We had no underground shelters.  We were told to […]

National Blogger Censored by his Publisher

Carlos Miller, whose whose blog Photography is Not A Crime tirelessly covers the intersection of police and cameras, thought he had come  upon as story made of pure gold, it had sex, a lawless cop, and even a kitten. But when his publisher pulled the article without even contacting him, he saw his profits plummet. […]

How You Can Fight For Academic Freedom

In 1983, professor William Cronon made his career with Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England, a seminal study of how European settlers transformed the ecosystem of early America.   Nearly thirty years later, the now distinguished Cronon, President of American Historical Association, finds his career in the middle of another […]

Detroit: DFT picket tomorrow

Picture of a Detroit School   DFT members:  This week we finally end the long DFT retreat, and start to move forward in the fight to defend public education.     1.  The DFT is calling its members and all supporters of public education to rally and picket State Rep Fred Durhal’s office,  at 4 pm this Monday, November 22.  The […]

Breaking News

This just arrived in my email from the Washington Post… Breaking News: Household incomes drop for second straight year, census data show Household incomes plunged for the second year in a row in 2009, as fewer families earned over $100,000 a year while the ranks of the poor rose, according to census statistics released Tuesday. […]