"The tragedy of the Public Commons": California City College and the neo-enclosure movement in education

Readers who are familiar with the controversy over the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC’s) failure to accredit the once community college, are also familiar with the Lumina Foundation and the role it played in assuring that CCSF would not be re-accredited. College and university […]

The War on Public School Teachers New Unions, New Alliances, New Politics

From:  the Bullet Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 854 July 22, 2013 Michael D. Yates Michael D. Yates is Associate Editor of Monthly Review and Director of Monthly Review Press. This article appeared on his blog CheapMotels and a Hotplate.org. The U.S. working-class was slow to respond to the hard times it faced during and […]

Obama’s 20/20 plan for higher education: using accrediting agencies to destroy community colleges and the case of City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Part four

  Introduction In this, part four of the series entitled “Obama’s 20/20 plan for higher education: chump change you cannot believe in”, we will examine just how Obama and the mavens of privatization, Lumina and friends, use accrediting agencies that work to allow what were once called community colleges to live or die.  This is […]

Pilfering the public commons: on-line 'earning' scheduled for California Community Colleges

As students, faculty and community groups hasten to bow down at the thrown of the ACCJC to assure continuing accreditation, going so far as to appeal to corporate Senator, Nancy Pelosi of all people or, at worst, surly Senator Diane Feinstein whose husband Richard Blum is the knight in shining armor for the corporatization of […]

Pension theft: Marie Benedetto, a retired San Francisco math teacher, says CalPERS is increasing teachers' insurance premium for long-term health care a whopping 85 percent

Long-term care rate hike stuns CALPERS teacher and public worker retirees and they should be stunned.  For the forces of reaction are not just cannibalizing our kids, but they are helping themselves to a hefty plate of senior pensions in their Donner Party dinner that includes all public pensions.  All over the nation, since 2010, as I […]

Fools rush in, where wise men never go: SFCC and the destruction of the public commons by the privatized accreditors

A Letter from Tom Brown to California Elected Officials   Leader Pelosi’s office has already been contacted by “Save CCSF” activists and reports are that the staff response revealed a lack of understanding of what’s happening at CCSF. We’re told that someone in the Leader’s office responded by saying “City College tries to do too […]

Walker Announces Voucher Expansion at California Speech

November 19, 2012 From: Larry Miller’s blog Walker Announces Voucher Expansion at California Speech Filed under:  Right Wing Agenda,Scott Walker,Vouchers — millerlf @ 3:02 pm Scott Walker is ready to take another step on his mission to privatize public education in the state of Wisconsin. He announced his plans to expand the voucher program for […]

The Great Classroom Robbery of 2012: Oakland City Schools

The following is by Harold Berlak Harold Berlak is a long time Oakland resident. He holds a masters in teaching and doctorate in educational research from Harvard  He is a fellow at the Education Policy Center in Boulder CO, and author of numerous articles and books on curriculum, educational testing, and assessment policy.  hberlak@yahoo.com 6/23/12 […]