California UC Berkeley Chancellor forced to resign! BAMN

The most recent edition of the newsletter for the group, By any Means Necessary (BAMN), is out and posted below.  From issues revolving around affirmative action, immigration, school closings, union struggles, securing LGBT rights, resistance against Emergency Managers, and fighting for universal access to public higher education BAMN has been at the forefront.  Dailycensored has long been an […]

Help Los Angeles Students March in Sacramento - This Monday, March 14th! STOP Governor Brown's Budget Cuts! Defend CA's Promise of Higher Ed for All!

This coming Monday, March 14th, has been called as a Day of Action in Sacramento to fight against Governor Brown’s proposal for massive cuts of $1.4 billion to public higher education in his budget.   Mass action in Sacramento on Monday can turn the tide in our favor in the battle over Brown’s proposed cuts. […]

Build the New Integrated Mass Student and Youth-Led Civil Rights/Immigrant Rights Movement to:

            NATIONAL CONFERENCE of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) Build the New Integrated Mass Student and Youth-Led Civil Rights/Immigrant Rights Movement to: Defend public education from Pre-K through college No more charters Arne Duncan must go […]


The power of the movement is its independence and its understanding that it speaks for the majority. The student movement lifted all of us. The marches, sit-ins, occupations and rallies reminded us that when we stand and fight together, we can win and, maybe just as importantly, restore our own sense of collective purpose, joy, hope and optimism. To move this new movement forward and to move forward the civil rights, immigrant rights, and labor movements, we need to march on Washington.

The Struggle for Public Education

This post is sponsored by: everest college online. Recently, Scott Lay, President and Chief Executive Officer Orange Coast College ’94, a community college in California, spoke with the Academic Senate President Jane Patton about governance in these difficult times to trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and students at Delta College in Stockton. Like many community colleges […]