Steve Conn, suspended Detroit teacher activist, seeks our support: let’s give it

  Picture of Steve Conn in the middle from a Baltimore AFT teacher: Hi all from Alan Rebar. Let’s stand up for Steve Conn and the Defend Public Education/Save Our Students (DPESOS) caucus of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Steve Conn and three of his colleagues have been suspended from the Detroit Federation of Teachers. […]

For Immediate Release: Detroit Federation of Teachers Presidential Challenger Steve Conn Declares Victory, Demands New Election to Replace Fraudulent Vote Count

   “This isn’t Florida, and the DFT is Not a George Bush Union,” Declared the Real Winner, Steve Conn CONTACT:        Steve Conn                              (313) 645-9340 In a hotly contested runoff election for President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, challenger Steve Conn of Defend Public Education/Save Our Students, (DPE) declared victory after the Election […]

Superman or Kryptonite?—Legend of the Fall, pt. V

The celebrity tour continues, and this time it is Geoffrey Canada on The Colbert Report where celebrity reformer Michelle Rhee revealed her lack of historical perspective and expertise concerning education. Canada made his second appearance with Colbert, but this time he comes in as the face on the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ)—mislabeled as a “miracle” […]

Wrong Questions = Wrong Answers: Legend of the Fall, pt. IV

Newsweek journalist Daniel Lyons posed a series of questions recently to Bill Gates, a leading and powerful voice in the new school reform movement, and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers—highlighting not what we need to address in our public schools but proving further that the media, celebrity/billionaire experts, and bureaucrats are […]

Don't mourn, organize! Detroit looks to unseat the pro-business presidency of Keith Johnson, member of the billionaires boyz club and attache to Robert Bobb, Chief Financial Officer and paid supplicant of Eli Broad

Keith Johnson, current president of Detroit Federation of Teachers has sold his soul to the privatization establishment.  Detroit teachers fight for a straight slate to unseat him!  Picture of Keith Johnson, the rancid Randi Weingarten and Robert Bobb breaking bread and breaking teachers, students and the Detroit working class! Many of us have been writing […]

Historic March for Jobs, Justice & Peace in Detroit

Readers- If you have not heard about the scheduled march for peace, justice and civil rights in Detroit tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, it is due to the sock puppet press’ monopolizing the corporate airwaves with news of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck might sell better for the forces of profit maximization and oligarchy but the real […]

'By any Means Necessary' ( and the AFT election results: A message from Yvette Felarca

Hi Danny and others- On behalf of BAMN, I want to thank you again for your support! Though we didn’t win, considering the massive corruption that goes into the AFT elections, we did very well. The BAMN slate got, on average, 5% of the total votes (38,000 - 41,000). People were warning us that if […]

Attending the AFT convention in Seattle and protesting with BAMN and others, the horrific policies of Race to the Top

  The American Federation of Teachers: the Seattle Conference and the opposition to the privatization of education According to the corporate Seattle Times, a lap dog for special interests fanning the flames of school privatization: “Rowdy delegates to a national teachers convention Saturday gave several standing ovations to Bill Gates, whose billions in foundation grants […]

The American Federation of Teachers does Seattle: July 7th through 12th, 2010

The American Federation of Teachers Convention The fight back against neo-liberal educational policies: Support Yvette Felarca for President of AFT Randi Weingarten, the current American Federation of Teacher’s union (AFT) president, supported by none other than Chancellor of Education in Washington D.C., Michelle Rhee, is up for re-election this coming week of July.  The AFT […]

REALM charter school approved in 'secret parliament' by the Berkeley School Board

Yvette Felarca is running for the presidency of the American Federation of Teachers and she better win!  For the stinking politics of Randi Weingarten, current AFT president, mirror the rancid policies of Arne Duncan in the battle to privatize education.  The REALM charter schools (the subject of much reporting here on Daily Censored) were approved in […]