Indiana wants me: Lord I can't go back there!

Governor Mitch Daniel is a new Presidential hopeful among Tea Partiers for 2012. Here he bares his rotten soul and love for evil empire. At the same time he gives important insight into Republican and Tea Party objectives. Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana compares the budget issues faced federally and by many states to the […]

Another look at Red/Blue

A Red state and a Blue state, it is interesting to look at some differences.  Florida is trying to pass an Arizona style illegal immigrant law.  It would not stand a chance in California.  In California one finds storefronts offering medical marijuana.  In Florida there are storefronts that offer “pain meds” under the guise of […]

Bread and Circuses and Baseball: Corporate Media Throws Democracy a Curveball

What an emotional week for San Francisco. On Wednesday morning, the San Francisco Democratic elite – mayor Gavin Newsom, former mayor Willie Brown and Senator Diane Feinstein –  proudly handed the World Series’ winning Giants the key to the city at the end of their Victory Parade, attended by hundreds of thousands of fans, making it […]

Honduran style coup almost pulled off in Ecuador

ATTEMPTED COUP IN ECUADOR Sept. 30, 2010 Correa, rescued, speaks out: ‘Today is the saddest day of my life and of my gov’t’ Ecuadorean troops stormed a hospital in Quito and rescued President Rafael Correa, who had been holed up surrounded by renegade police protesting against government austerity measures. Correa arrived back at the presidential […]

Help Haiti

Hey Friends & Acquaintances, You can help directly with money (in any amount) to the What If Foundation created by Margaret Trost & the late Father Gerard Jean-Juste ten years ago when Wadner Pierre, whom you may have met through our film project at the farmer’s market, was their Program Coordinator. At the WhatIfFoundation you’ll […]