What would George Orwell have made of the world in 2013?

By Stuart Jeffries   (The Guardian, January 23, 2013)   . . . . Excerpt . . . .   . . . . Try this passage from Nineteen Eighty-Four, where Orwell writes of the 20th century as the period in which “human equality became technically possible” and in which, simultaneously “practices which had long […]

Obama To the Right Of George Bush, on Torture, Rendition, Habeas Corpus

  Dennis Loo writes on the World Can’t Wait website that President Obama’s Department of Justice has pressed the Court of Appeals to rule that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay torture Camp are not ‘persons’ and they are not entitled to the rights of ‘persons’ and that if the Court does find that they are indeed ‘persons’, […]

Torture, Rendition & Detention…OBAMA-STYLE

The nightmare of rendition kidnapping, indefinite detention and gruesome torture has not gone away by having Bush leave office and Obama take over. Obama is making sure that his agents and lawmakers are above the law by upholding the Bush era proclamations concerning ‘state secret privileges.’ Obama is taking the very same position Bush did on […]