Trampling Out The Vintage

By Saul Landau Frank Bardacke has written the comprehensive history of the United Farm Workers, a definitive biography of Cesar Chavez and a magnificent guide to the politics and sociology of the 1960s-80s. In the mid 1960s a nascent union of field workers transformed themselves into moral guideposts for middle class liberals as well as […]

Homeland Security Teacher Rating System Threat Advisory

Print[1], using a #2 pencil.  Submit copies to:               U. S. Department of Education               Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation               National Governors Association Center for Best Practices               Editorial Department New York Times               ALEC Name: Last _______________ First _______________ Middle ____________ Alias _______________ Sex: M F Other Not […]

In Praise of Learning by Bertolt Brecht

When this was written in 1931 the Weimar republic had died and Hitler was on the road to power. Brecht, of course, was the great playwrite and poet of the early part of the 1900’s.  His poem, “In Praise of Learning” is more important now than ever!  Here it is in its entirety!   Study […]

Finally A NIMBY I Can Get Behind.

I would like to say he is my friend, but the truth is I only know him through the internet.  He is the guy you wish was living next door, down the road, or across your backyard fence.  For starters, he is always in a good mood, which I believe always comes from doing the […]

Time for a General Strike: MLK and the 1968 fight for collective bargaining by Memphis sanitation workers

Sanitation workers engaged in a general strike demanding the right to collectively bargain in Memphis, 1968. At a solidarity rally for the rights of public workers in Wisconsin and working people throughout the United States one could see a green and white AFSCME sign which said, “It’s about Freedom” This can only be a reminder […]

Bing, bang, Bobb, BAMN: Detroit

Bing, bang, BAMN:  Detroit privatizers lose their first round in efforts to get a ‘unitary executive’ in the form of mayoral control so they can get on with the seedy business of privatizing and closing schools The photo above is of David Bing, Mayor of Detroit and Robert Bobb, employee of Eli Broad and tax […]