Misrepresenting Finland: Seeing What We Want to See, Saying What We Want to Say

With the publication of Pasi Sahlberg’s Finnish Lessons, the education reform debate in the U.S. is moving into a second round of Finnish envy—the first being the corporate reformers’ distorted claims about international comparisons and the new being calls to examine the full and complex picture of why Finland has achieved both social and education […]

200 miles an hour, really?

I designed my new house to withstand a category 5 hurricane.  If a Hurricane Andrew came through I would probably survive.  But a Tuscaloosa or a Joplin tornado, how do you design for that?  I know my house can take gusts and perhaps sustained 155 mph wind, but 200 mph wind? There was a governmental […]

How Can We Tell In What Direction We Are Headed, If We Don't Know Where We Have Been?

We have all been there at one time or another.  You are watching a TV show, sitting in your favorite chair.  Maybe it was not as exciting as it promised to be.  Inevitably, however, you fall asleep.  Eventually you wake up and an entirely different show is displayed as you attempt to reorient yourself.  As […]

The English Defense League

By Guest Blogger Roger Silverman The English Defense League is the latest gang of racist street-fighters to crawl out of the rotten woodwork of British imperialism. These football hooligans with their shaved skinheads and in some cases Nazi tattoos have been swaggering through the Muslim ghettoes of one British city after another, allegedly demonstrating against “Islamic […]