Saul Landau   “Romney now flaunting his wealth to impress voters!” (The Onion) I smiled weakly when Liberal Democrat friends guffawed last week over verbal foibles of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. It was sort of funny when Romney said: “Michigan’s trees are just the right height,” and “I Have Some Friends Who Are NASCAR […]

Stupid empire prevails – the nation loses

By Saul Landau “The reason we have a Department of Defense is to break things and kill people. The problem we have now is that so much of the money is not going to the people who are breaking things and killing people.”  -Ret. Marine General Arnold L. Punaro, Member of the Defense Business Board, […]

Ben Austin of Parent Revolution and Gates' supplicant booted from State Education Board

Governor Jerry Brown, gave several backers of charter schools the bum’s rush from the state’s Board of Education this week. Brown appointed people who the L.A. Times says are aligned with “traditional” players in the education game. Critics, better read as charter school supporters and educational privatizers see the hand of California’s teachers unions in the move.  The unions […]

You Can Never Be Crazy Enough.

OK, here’s the thing: I started out as a Mormon. It wasn’t my idea but I accepted it because there was no alternative at the time. So I tried really hard to be good at it. But never, never was I good enough. I was always saying hilarious things that trampled on the sensitivities of […]