For the eyes and the minds of our academic senate at CCSF: An Alternate Approach

Readers no doubt know that the City College of San Francisco has been denied accreditation by the ACCJC owned and operated by the Lumina Foundation and friends.  Here, in this article, Occupied Bob one of those who struggled against the college’s eventual closure speaks out. “Robert Agrella, Being fully aware of why you were brought […]

City College of San Francisco and Brice Harris and Lumina Friends

In their treacherously crafted letter to deceive the residents of San Francisco and readers of the SF Chronicle, Mayor Lee and Chancellor Brice have clearly highlighted their disdain for the truth and shown their allegiance to the financial powers that back their sell out of the College that serves the entire community of this City, […]

Steve Conn, progressive union activist running with a slate of Detroit Teacher´s Union AFT

I first met Steve Conn and his wife Heather at the AFT convention in Seattle in 2010.  At that time the union was under harsh attack by Keith Johnson, a lapog for the privatizers who was busy selling out students, parents and teachers in his rush to ingratiate himself with the new corporate thugs airlifted […]

People's School at Lakeview Elementary School in Oakland California Says "Fight Continues", Announces Next Steps

Early Tuesday morning, on what would have been the 18th day of the Sit-in and 12th day of the People’s School, OUSD police and other Oakland area police forces raided the encampment and school. While participants were allowed to remove their items, the police arrested a parent as well as a former Lakeview student, and […]

BAMN: Catherine Ferguson Academy School in Detroit still struggling school closure

  If you have not heard of the Catherine Ferguson Academy School in Detroit, the attempt to close the school and the fight to keep it open which is now winning you should. I have written much about the issue at Daily Censored and you can  simply use our search engine and type in the name […]