A Full Length Documentary About Green Anarchism

END:CIV Resist or Die 2011, directed by Franklin Lopez Free (Creative Commons) download at: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/end-civ-resist-or-die/ Film Review END:CIV, according to the promo, “examines our culture’s systemic addiction to violence and environmental exploitation.” The title is drawn from Pac Man, an arcade came that first came out in 1980. In one of the world’s first video […]

The Outrageous G8/G20 Costs

The costs for the last G8/G20 event in Toronto are so outrageous, that you’d think they were joking. If only they were. The final tab ran over $1.25 billion. Some of the costs were: $80 million for food and accommodation $34 million on telecommunications and electronics $17 million for vehicle rentals and transportation $4.5 million […]

Kamikaze Mission

It’s coming: a muddy hopelessness that seeps into the soil, skates along the ocean surface, and chokes even the tiniest amoeba. For weeks a poisonous cloud of chemically disbursed oil has been stirred and emulsified into the currents of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s going to come closer to the shore than anyone predicted. Soon […]