The Assassination of Alice Walker

Is Israel planning to assassinate Alice Walker? Has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton essentially given Israel the green-light for such an operation? Most people know, Alice Walker (no relation to me) is a national treasure. She is best known for her Pulitzer Prize winning book The Color Purple. Growing up in Georgia, during the Jim […]

Freedom Flotilla Two: Another Massacre Looms?

  On June 21, 2011 some 40 to 50 American peace activists will gather in Athens Greece to join up with the 2nd International Freedom Flotilla headed to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid and essential building materials. The Americans, have named their ship “The Audacity of Hope” after President Obama’s book with the same title. […]

Who Will Chart Our Course?

I don’t know how much longer I can continue to write this blog of mine.  To read more and more of the direction we are headed is despairing.  Ryan would return this country to the 1700s.  By removing women’s health, by eliminating $$$ for education, eliminating the teaching of history, indeed anything.  We are doomed.  […]

Protest On the Oakland Docks

On Sunday, June 20, a successful protest against Israel was held on the docks of the Port of Oakland, California. Some 800 community and labor activists showed up at the time that a Zin (Israeli) Line ship was supposed to dock and be unloaded. The dock workers are organized into the International Longshoremen and Warehousemen’s […]