Upcoming Cuts

Someone at NPR finally noticed the connection between the 18,000 jobs/0.1% rise in unemployment and all of the government budget slashing that has been going on.  For a real heads-up, take a look at NASA.  Pretend that the government is shutting down the space program as part of the trillions of dollars of budget cuts […]

Dumb and Dumber One Better

Here is one for you, a perfect example of trickle down economics.  In Greece, 60 % of the people do not pay their taxes.  Seventy–five percent said they did not have swimming pools until aerial photographs proved them wrong and they still do not pay taxes.  It also looks like they do not spend the […]

These BP folks need help, too.

I thought the idea of burning the surface oil was a bad idea.  Besides polluting the water they are polluting the air too.   However, now I know it is a bad idea. I mean, burning sea turtles alive, it just doesn’t stop. Someone should add the owners of the BP retail gasoline franchises, nationwide, […]

I am not a traitor

I awoke this morning to a link and a reminder of Mr. George Hutchins’ website from someone I chat with online. I was told that he was a great patriotic American. I really don’t like the site. It’s been made fun of a lot on the internet already. I made jokes about its last century […]

Jobs: Have I Got Your Attention Yet?

Probably the most important news this year appeared today in the Op Ed column of Bob Herbert.  He wrote about the need for a serious, long range plan to rebuild the nation’s job force, infrastructure, and manufacturing capabilities before we descend to the level of a third world country.  With the current state of the […]

Crossing the Line

I am getting close to crossing the line, I think.  Yesterday I saw a fellow in his mid 60’s who was wearing a startlingly red polo shirt with “Deloitte & Touche” embroidered on it.  I asked if his shirt came with a bonus?  As he got into his brand new, candy apple red Corvette convertible, […]

The tragedy of stereotypes in America

I purposely did not watch much of the news last night because of the shootings at Fort Hood. As soon as I heard that the shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, was a Muslim, I knew the slant the story was going to take. At first, I was impressed with the fact that the news I did […]

The way I live: The beginning

As a college student, I suppose I should have fifteen of my own blog sites, but I don’t.  Trust me, I’m not against blog sites like Facebook, Myspace, and so on.  However, too many of the typical blogs are little more than soap operas – drama queens talking about each other and who they’re currently […]

Do you ever just get so tired….

I just get so, so tired of re-fighting the same old battles again and again and again with the same old, bigoted, selfish bastards.  They wear me out.  They are relentless. There are two guys fighting same sex marriage.  They say two people who love each other, who happen to be the same sex, tarnish […]