Tests Fail South's Legacy of Inequity

Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Superintendent Heath Morrison along with Montgomery County Schools (MD) Superintendent Joshua Starr has challenged the costs of pursuing once again new standards and (more) state high-stakes tests: “‘I am very troubled by the amount of testing we are being asked to do,’ Morrison told The Charlotte Observer editorial board. ‘We can teach our […]

Georgia professors blast teacher evaluation system

Valerie Strauss, reporter for the Washington Post wrote:   “First it happened in New York, then Illinois and now Georgia. Professors from colleges and universities in Georgia have written an open letter to the governor, Nathan Deal, and other officials involved with education policy to express opposition to a new teacher evaluation system that depends […]

Standardized Testing: A Race to Nowhere

Race To Nowhere is an excellent description of the standardized testing movement. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, increased the role of the federal government in public education and also expanded the role of standardized testing. This morning, I had a conversation with another educator who was ending a California State Testing week. […]