The Heartland Institute: Leaked Document Details “Operation Angry Badger” in Wisconsin

According to journalist Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel out of Wisconsin, a Chicago-based free-market think tank has prepared a strategy to sway the recall debate in Wisconsin in favor of Governor Walker and the reactionary corporatists.  This includes detailing “the shortcomings of public schools,” according to leaked documents that appeared this week on the […]

3-minute video: Obama rejects dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi; chooses wars

video here. “Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.” – Tacitus, Agricola, (98), ch. 30. Translation: “To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.” - Oxford Revised Translation, Project Gutenberg. Tacitus is quoting the British chief, […]

Environmental internationalism: Cuba’s new mission?

By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés Since 1959 Cuba has played a significant world role, quite a feat for a nation of 5 million – 11 million now. Cubans have shown their values, commitment and solidarity in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. Between 1960 and 2011, Cuba sent 45 […]

A Bit More Than Bath Salts

I remember telling the pharmacy tech that I could not find my usual remedy for spring pollen.  “No problem,” she said, “I have it right here.” as she reached under the counter.  I then had to fill out an incredible document asking for my birthday, my mother’s grandmother’s first name and the name of my […]

Colleges and universities transformed into mini-investment banks for private capital construction loans while students and faculty pay the socialized costs through higher tuition and lower wages and benefits

Picture of Harvard University Part One   I have been following the cascading financial crisis with some interest especially as it pertains to the business of higher education — and what a business it is!  The Wall Street ‘crisis’, or bankster fraud, has not only changed the economic geography of Wall Street, housing, credit, health […]

Critical thinking: what the ruling class fears most

Abdicating reasoning: Surrendering the debate over teaching, testing and assessment to the constables of obedience training A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education confronts the issue of whether students are really learning in college classrooms and if so, how they might be able to assess learning (September 5, 2010,Why Teaching Is Not Priority […]

Obama Fires General McChrystal but Crisis Continues

US President Barack Obama has just fired the US general in charge of the war in Afghanistan – General Stanley McChrystal. The last time this happened was a half-century ago, when then-President Truman fired General Douglas Macarthur, who was in charge of the US troops in the war in Korea. When finance capital (and other […]


CENSORED IN 1993: “WE ARE WINNING THE WAR ON DRUGS” WAS A LIE When President George Bush went before the nation on September 6, 1989, to give a special address about the seriousness of the drug problem in the United States, the media and the public responded with alarm. By the end of that month, […]


When we dip our foot in the water, we take responsibility for how clean the water is.   This is an analogy for involving ourselves in the affairs of the Iraqis and Afghans.  We are now held responsible for their quality of life, as well we should, and it isn’t pretty. The military strategy we are […]

12 Year old gets the bracelets for doodling in school: Zero-tolarance and leave no child behind without cuffs

Alexa’s hands were cuffed behind her back, and tears gushed as she was escorted from school in front of teachers and — the worst audience of all for a preadolescent girl — her classmates. “They put the handcuffs on me, and I couldn’t believe it,” Alexa recalled. “I didn’t want them to see me being handcuffed, thinking I’m a bad person.”