Detroit Federation of Teachers: They steal elections don't they?

Irregularities in the Detroit Federation of Teachers presidential election have come to the surface.  As Keith Johnson, Eli Broad and Robert Bobb ally, claims victory.  The following is from the Steve Conn for DFT presidential campaign. Urgent notice to all DFT Members: The investigation of irregularities in the recent DFT election has begun.  It appears that many DFT […]

Curing Our National Case of Hypochondria

For a moment this morning, I confess that I found myself on the edge of my seat in the middle of the Halloween special edition of the Today show.   As a corporate media critic, an academic, and a professional with a regular day job, such a confession could be damning, as if I were a […]

These BP folks need help, too.

I thought the idea of burning the surface oil was a bad idea.  Besides polluting the water they are polluting the air too.   However, now I know it is a bad idea. I mean, burning sea turtles alive, it just doesn’t stop. Someone should add the owners of the BP retail gasoline franchises, nationwide, […]