Occupy Wall Street: Mobs, Media, and Message

  When the Tea Party formed, in 2009, they rolled up in billionaire chartered buses, handed out pamphlets, and were often hosted by national figures, like former Republican Speaker of the House Dick Armey. It turns out, a few of the many Koch brother’s front groups, like Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity, have been […]

Wisconsin: Here Comes the Brownshirts

  With less than two weeks before Wisconsinites go to the polls and possibly vote six Republicans out of the State Senate, the billionaire Koch brothers and their well funded roster of right-wing front groups have poured millions in out of state money into attack ads and voter suppression campaigns.  All the while, left-wing labor […]

Now, About Those Survey Markers

My heart does not go out to the Republicans who are complaining that people are upset with them.  They are children, whining that things are not going their way. “My town halls are being disrupted by Democrats,” said Representative Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, whose meetings have been peppered with complaints about Republican policies. “They are […]

Skinning The Cat

I have always been told that there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I dunno.  Everyday I get at least six letters asking me to contribute to a cause to stop the Tea Bag Republicans from violating this or that.  The Tea Baggers are backed by the Koch brothers et al.  The […]

How much more are you going to take…

Spending cuts, jobs, taxes, health care, education, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, defense, and climate are all very important right now and all inter-related.  But they are just noise.  They are a giant smokescreen to hide the GRAND THEFT that has been and is going on right now. Illegal foreclosures.  Bank of America got caught in […]

The Revenge of the Body Snatchers

It reminds me of “The Body Snatchers.”   They sneak around and infiltrate the government so they can take over the country while no one is looking.  They tell you that there is no difference, so necessary to the deadly infection of apathy they are trying to spread.  They turn the people they have converted against […]

How Dumb Are (you) We?

There is actually an organization, a large effort to tell people what national media isn’t.  What is wrong with this picture?  News that isn’t.  Where is uncle Walter when we need him? This country has been at war now for ten years.  TEN YEARS folks, what is up with that?  Worse, we are not at […]

Adding Up the Numbers

I heard Ted Koppel, on NPR the other morning, say that because we are borrowing all the money from the Chinese to fight the war in Afghanistan that we are not sacrificing anything and therefore do not feel any pain as a result of this war.  Huh? I won’t even go into the huge deficits […]

Been feeling a bit battered lately?

Have you been feeling battered lately?  I think I know why.  I was having a real problem making sense of this country in the face of wanton greed, ignorance, and narcissism on an order of magnitude that seems so entirely impossible and yet here it is. From a “Move-On” mailer I learned that the Republican […]

The Joke's On YOU

I guess my critics are right.  There are some things that I do not understand.  I mean, I just read that Australia has raised its birth rate to 1.77 by paying a $3,000 baby bonus to mothers upon the successful birth of their child.  While Australia’s birth rate is lower than the US, their population […]