President of the University of Maryland allegedly walked out in a huff after discussion on Daycon with students, officials

  Just when one thought that the situation at the University of Maryland could not get worse, it did.  If it is not management abusing public workers at the university, which has been is being reported at Daily Censored and the Diamondback (the University of Maryland’s campus paper), it has now come to light that […]

Plea from a for-profit university 'Admission Counselor': Please stop the carnage and assault on workers' rights

The following is from an anonymous former Admission’s Counselor for the American Intercontinental University, another for-profit chop shop that sells education like a commodity.  As this will show, not only are students the victims of the drive by training schools that run off of taxpayer dollars, but the workers are treated as little more than […]

Charter school in mobbed-up New Jersey refuses to release public records

But what is it that the school board of Oceanside Charter School is trying to hide? Could it be that documents or meeting minutes might show further corruption or indicate collaboration or put the light on some conspiracy hatched with public monies by charter administrators, the board or employees?