Obama's Sneaky Repackaging of Bush Era Policies of Torture And War

Larry Jones writes on the ‘World Can’t Wait’ website that President Obama is only making cosmetic changes and is repackaging Bush’s Program of Torture and War to make them more palatable to gullible Americans. Conservatives have also been quick to point out Obama’s clever tricks. The New York Times published an op-ed saying that there […]

General Stanley McChrystal Obama's War Pig

Writer James Petras in his piece ‘Obama’s Animal Farm; Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice’ tells us that President Obama has elevated George Bush’s most notorious Delta force General, Stanley McChrystal, to head the US military command attacking and occupying the small third world country of Afghanistan. The Delta Force has been called ‘certified […]

Historical Parallels of How the USA Legitimized Torture: The Berlin 1937 Tortue Memos

 Here are five paragraphs describing how the United States has historical parallels with how the Nazis legitimized torture.   A Historical Parallel Providing the kind of sophisticated, high-powered legal justification for illegal torture found in the Bush regime’s torture memos has an ominous precedent. In a recent column, Shayana Kadidal, senior managing attorney of the […]

Human Rights Groups Outraged As Bush-Bama Renews Military Tribunals of the Prisoners He's Abusing At Guantanamo Bay

President Obama once pledged to end controversial trials of terrorism suspects, but now that he is in command, he has reversed his old promises from the campaign trail and has announced plans to revive the Bush-era military commissions system. These Kangaroo Courts have been denounced world  wide. Human Rights groups are outraged about the renewal […]

Obama The Deceiver Goes Back On Promise To Make Public Torture Photos

Ken Theisen writes on the World Can’t Website that the Obama administrations reversal of its pledge to make public photos depicting “detainee abuse” by US personnel overseas is continuing the Bush Regime policy of cover up of US torture and these policies will continue the policy of torture in Obama’s wars. The Department of Defense […]

Bush's Smoking Gun Witness Found Dead

A prisoner was horribly tortured at the hands of Bush torturers, until he agreed to say that al-Qaeda was linked to Saddam Hussein in 2002. Several weeks ago, Human Rights Watch investigators found the missing inmate and talked to him. He had been secretly transferred by the Bush administration to a prison in Libya. Under […]

Obama To the Right Of George Bush, on Torture, Rendition, Habeas Corpus

  Dennis Loo writes on the World Can’t Wait website that President Obama’s Department of Justice has pressed the Court of Appeals to rule that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay torture Camp are not ‘persons’ and they are not entitled to the rights of ‘persons’ and that if the Court does find that they are indeed ‘persons’, […]

Extradordinary Rendition & Seven Years of Torture: Binyam Mohamed Tells His Story

British resident Binyam Mohamed reinforces all the horrendous claims made concerning US torture prisons in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the ‘Dark Prison’ in Afghanistan; where prisoners are held in total darkness while the CIA pumps in 160 watts level of deafening, non stop Western Music 24 hours a day. At the hands of United States and Great Britain torturers by proxy in […]

Torture, Rendition & Detention…OBAMA-STYLE

The nightmare of rendition kidnapping, indefinite detention and gruesome torture has not gone away by having Bush leave office and Obama take over. Obama is making sure that his agents and lawmakers are above the law by upholding the Bush era proclamations concerning ‘state secret privileges.’ Obama is taking the very same position Bush did on […]

Bush Admits That He Personally Authorized Torture

Bush admits on Fox News Sunday, that he personally authorized the torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Think Progress: Bush: I Personally Authorized Torture Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed» In an interview with Brit Hume that aired today on Fox News Sunday, President Bush admitted that he personally authorized the torture of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed…