American Monetary Institute (AMI): History of money, monetary reform, and public action. 6 of 6

The American Monetary Institute is the world’s leading organization for understanding monetary history and how to reform monetary policy. These six articles reprint AMI’s principle information, available at AMI’s website, with their express permission to share widely:  Explaining the need for monetary reform: the heart of our economic crisis Monetary history: synopsis of Stephen Zarlenga’s […]


Marysville: population: 12,268. 71% white; 18% Latino. Median household income: $28,494; 19% live below the poverty line. The 2000 Census. My wife and I, lost, stopped the car. The roadside sign had warned: “Gateway to The Gold Fields.” Two adolescents, arms around each other, bouncing and laughing, shouted instructions to the motel. “Tweakers,” I said. […]