Ain't No Middle Class!

Ain’t No Middle Class!   During the campaign season, neither Obama nor Romney, mentioned the words “poverty” or “working class”. Both candidates babbled incessantly about the supposed “middle class” and how they would be creating jobs, presumably “middle class jobs”. Neither the middle class, nor these jobs, actually exist. They are myths, pure and simple. […]

Investment bankers salivate over North Africa

Chaos and strife create the revolutionary atmosphere in which opportunity abounds Written by Atheo | Aletho News | March 8, 2011 Investment banking is usually thought of as a field that values stability. Yet the greatest rewards are often attained through destabilization. North African regimes and leaders have their obvious faults and flaws. Autocracies have […]

Information and process…

Hello all! I have always felt the incessant need to question why things happen the way they do, to learn everything I can about the world around me, and to share what I learn with any one who cares to listen. I crave the process of learning, sharing information, and engaging with others as we […]