Project Censored Recommends: Video “On the Dark Side in Al Doura, A Soldier in the Shadows” Addresses Soldier’s War Crimes Allegations & Iraq Atrocity Photos

A newly released film, “On the Dark Side in Al Doura” focuses on U.S. Army Ranger John Needham’s experience in Iraq where he witnessed grim atrocities. It includes shocking uncirculated photographic evidence of what appear to be war crimes. The story is presented within the framework of decisions by the Bush Administration to step away […]

Proud to be an American

Are you proud to be an American?  I had an interesting experience the other day in water aerobics.  Some how the ‘50s and the KGB came up in conversation.  I said, “Yes, I remember them.  We hated them.  The KGB “disappeared” people in the middle of the night and tortured them.”  Boy, did that stop […]