"Workers rights are human rights and natural rights" — University of Maryland and the New Jim Crow

Picture of University of Maryland worker at a forum to protest racial and sexual harrassment of workers   The following is from Diamondback, the campus newspaper for the University of Maryland.  Dailycensored.com has continuously covered this controversy for some years.  Promoting solidarity amongst students and workers is key to overcoming capitalism and assuring workplace equality. Also, […]

University of Maryland Police will join efforts to make staff members feel safer

Solomon Comissiong at a forum with university workers who complain of workplace abuse, harrassment and sexual abuse from management at UMD   I have written extensively about the problems that plague employees at the University of Maryland on several occasions.  The workplace abuse heaped on them by a crooked administration, cronyism and patronage has been […]

University of Maryland students hear from Dominican Republic workers about unjust working conditions and exploitation by corporate sweatshops

In the months following an outcry of alleged abuse in university departments on the campus, students are looking to places as far away as the Dominican Republic for inspiration to change this behavior.  Internationalizing the issue of workers’ rights is exactly what is needed now that capital crosses borders with a key stroke while workers […]

The University of Maryland Workers' Rights Coalition Demands an end to Workplace Sexual Abuse, Racial Discrimination & Disrespect

The past several months have marked the University of Maryland (College Park), with turmoil, struggle, pain, and solidarity. This all stems from the reprehensible climate of racial discrimination, sexual abuse and mistreatment that many employees are met with each time they step on campus. Most of these employees are housekeepers, custodial staff, and facilities workers. Many […]

Unfair Labor Practices at the University of Maryland mount: University promises to renew contract with Daycon despite NLRB ruling

  As the plutocrats gain momentum in American politics and with the Obama administration falling into despicable disgrace in face of corporate hegemony, there is little doubt that there will be more suffering in America.  The savage cuts to government programs foisted on the American people by a rabid oligarchy operating through the Republican Party […]

Workers at the University of Maryland say, "Don't mourn, organize" — Emergency Rally for UMD Worker’s Rights!

On March 31, the UMD student newspaper, the Diamondback, wrote an article based on an anonymous letter from a non-exempt University Employee describing the work environment on campus as a “Nazi camp” and a “plantation.” “We are made to feel like idiots,” the letter said. “Our opinions are null and void, our days are as […]