While American Was Entertaining Itself

This past week we learned why Barak Obama chose John Kerry as his Secretary of State. Before the entire world at a press conference in Belgium, the representative of American foreign policy, President Barak Obama, stated with a straight face that he was against the Iraq War before he was for it. He then went […]

US Ambassador to Afghanistan: kill ‘them’ tirelessly or ‘they’ will kill Americans

US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, told a UK leading paper that leaving after ten years of war shows a lack of US patience, that all the US has accomplished so far is to kill the “slow and stupid ones,” and that killing in Afghanistan is important because somehow Afghanistan is a special place where […]

War Criminal Obama threatens unlawful war with Iran (again): who will arrest him?

video here. President Obama criminally threatened to murder Iranians today with fellow War Criminal British PM Cameron. The language in their press conference included multiple lies and insults. Let’s consider the history of the US with Iran before we consider what Obama said: The US waged unlawful war on Iran for 35 consecutive years with […]

US killed Afghan civilians, lied, got caught, attacked reporter. US military: it's time to refuse unlawful wars

engage in comments, including with Operation Mockinbird agents, at source. US-led forces added the murders of pregnant women to the recent murders of school children in Afghanistan. US military officials were forced to admit they lied in their report that Afghan “bad guys” murdered five civilians when Timesonline reporter Jerome Starkey went to the scene and […]

Iraq War Now Illegal: Bush Tries to Go Around Congress

We have known all along the war was unjustified and illegal, but now we have confirmation.  Even if it is by default, just knowing that the Iraq War is now constitutionally illegal should give some of us hope for an end soon.    The Iraq War Is Now Illegal By Bruce Ackerman and Oona Hathaway, The Daily Beast. Posted January […]