Washington Post pays ex CEO $20 million, then lays off news staff

    On Feb 8, 2012  the Washington Post announced buyouts for up to 48 newsroom staff as a cost cutting measure. This came  right after the Post paid out $20 million to ex Kaplan CEO Jonathan Grayer in Nov 2011 as part of a 2008  severance package.   Following Grayer’s tenure at Kaplan, the […]

The Covert NATO War Against Syria

People may have noticed that the official narrative concerning Syria changes on a daily basis – except for continuing to heap contempt and scorn on the Russians and Chinese for their Security Council veto. To be frank, this veto makes more and more sense as events on the ground unmask US culpability in the civil […]

Summary of some of the seedy practices of the Washington Post and Kaplan University

The modern Washington Post Company is a publicly traded company which derives 60% (or more) of its income from Kaplan University, a mostly on line for profit university.  Kaplan has been or is the subject of at least half -a dozen whistle blower lawsuits, one shareholder lawsuit, a federal government sting in Florida, and more […]

SO YOU WANT TO BLOW YOUR WHISTLE? Confessions of a whistle blower!

By David Goodstein Expectation – The government really wants to uncover fraud and punish the guilty! The Reality  - Don’t bother, the government’s first priority is ‘taking care of business’, big business! As the former Director of Education* for the Kaplan owned CHI Institute in Broomall, PA I was intimately involved in 2006 when an […]