Navy Steals: The Military's New Interest in single-sex STEM Camps

Here’s a little tidbit about the Navy Seals and the military industrial complex and how they are targeting 7 and 8 year old girls with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math instruction (STEM).  This is the same STEM outcome learning that Obama’s DOE and its Kitchen-Cabinet, The Lumina Foundation is carnival barking about. Seems the little darlings […]

(EXCLUSIVE) What is Really Happening on the Ground in Libya!!‏

  Click this link below to listen to the show:   Please join us as we exposed the truth about what is going on in Libya…This was an exclusive interview with Dr. Randy Short who just came back from Libya on a fact finding mission. The information that he disclosed on this interview was […]

Gang Rape and Racial Harassment Exposed at Sonoma State University

KPFA’s program Women at Risk with Carmen Reed March 8, 2011 covers Racial Harassment and Rape at SSU. Students tell their personal stories of racism and gang rape and the continuing lack of support on the Sonoma State University campus. The interviews can be heard in the archives of KPFA—link below. Interviews start at 1:17:22 […]


I don’t know which is worse—That there are people who would pay $1,135 for a pair of sandals or that there is someone with enough hubris to think that her creation is worth that much.  Apparently, however, Chrissie Morris does, because here it is… “There’s a certain toughness, but the colors celebrate the delicacy of […]

Project Censored Covers Women and Gender Issues Year Round

Kate Raphael host for Women’s Magazine radio show on KPFA January 3, reported that Project Censored didn’t notice Women and Gender stories in 2010. Actually we had extensive coverage of women and gender news during the past year.  The quote on the KPFA program website states that,  “On Project Censored’s Top 25 list for 2010, […]

CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rape

This just coming in from an ABC investigation. Stunning allegations of the rape of two Muslim women in Algeria. ABC News: The CIA’s station chief at its sensitive post in Algeria is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for allegedly raping at least two Muslim women who claim he laced their drinks with a […]