Decadent billionaire Zombies: They walk amongst us

How much more pain will the working class allow the decadent billionaire zombies to inflict on the working class in America?  The answer is ssimple:  as much as an unorganized working class will allow them.  These disaster capitalist zombies are in the captain’s seat, that is for sure.  What this spells for Amerrica is a […]

Disposable people and the new technology

Athough many people still work in offices and in factories this is all changing rapidly and at speeds never before seen.  The forces of production, such as technology, are now displacing workers with increased rapidity and accelerated madness that if continued, will leave many more unemployed, disposable and on the margins of survival. According to […]

Ain't No Middle Class!

Ain’t No Middle Class!   During the campaign season, neither Obama nor Romney, mentioned the words “poverty” or “working class”. Both candidates babbled incessantly about the supposed “middle class” and how they would be creating jobs, presumably “middle class jobs”. Neither the middle class, nor these jobs, actually exist. They are myths, pure and simple. […]