In an article I penned for Dailycensored back in February of this year, entitled: “CIA, reactionary US politicians and right wing journalists team up create Fox News in Latin America: Tamia News” was picked up by Ecuadorian Public Radio and I was both surprised and honored to be asked to do an interview with the station.

If you speak Spanish, you can hear the interviews at:

If you do not speak Spanish, you can read more about this dangerous new Fox News Latin America at  It poses grave dangers for the South American region.


“It is more than ironic that Martha Bucaram Roldos, daughter of the assassinated Ecuadorian President, Jaime Roldós Aguilera (in what has been termed an “accident” of aviation (1979-1981) is set to manage a recently created organization that will use the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) fund programs to destabilize progressive governments in Latin America, especially Ecuador. Jaime Roldos was assassinated with the encouragement and aid of the CIA (

This organization will be called Tamia News and will operate much like Fox News in the US.

The news agency, Tamia News, will be used for the sole purpose of discrediting, through propaganda, the government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Delgado, as well as destabilizing the region and thwarting efforts at S. American unity.

According to El Telegrafo, the daily paper of Ecuador:

“The project to create a news agency based in Panama is ongoing.  Thanks to the research conducted by this newspaper, it has been found that it would be not only a particular media project, but part of a ‘comprehensive strategy’ which would involve more political actors and NGOs , settled in Ecuador and working with funds foreign foundations.

This newspaper published on January 6, 2014 a report titled “The agency Tamia News would be built as a support for an international network of media opposition” (
The report revealed the formation of the foundation called A Thousand Leaves and Tamia News agency, will be based in US controlled Panama.”

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