The following is from a former student at Kaplan University. 

Dear Mr. Weil  If you are able to can you please read the attachment I sent along and give me your honest opinion. I am a former student of Kaplan University and needless to say they really took me for a very long and painful ride. It has been hard for me to attempt to put my opinion across where it will be herd. In many ways I feel very strongly that Kaplan really got off the hook for the fact they have not made any kind of attempt to make any kind of amends to the victims they left in the dust. Everything I have read indicates they believe they are Gods gift to the poor ??? It has left me wondering about how people such as that get along in this world with not understanding anything about morals or ethics?? I had the opportunity to read as much as I have been able to on what you have written about Kaplan and the for-profit schools and I have become a real fan.

I am a former student of a for-profit college and was for 3 years (Kaplan).  In the beginning I felt as if this was it for me, something good happening in my life. My long term goals became really specific to my education at this school and its outcome.  The number of hours I spent studying, writing, and researching for courses to become a probation officer became blurred. I never missed a class, assignment or lecture in 3 years. Where did all of this leave me?  A 3.4 GPA and an Associates degree that is not worth the paper it was written on.  In the end I discovered the college recruiter misrepresented my program of study to me, and lied.  This all left me feeling as if I was kicked in the teeth and in total shock. I began to try and understand what just happened and why? Was I the only one?  I’m I that gullible or foolish? What I discovered, I was none of the above; what I was is desperate and a desperate person can be led into doing things they might never consider if the circumstances were different.


For-profit colleges were established or operated with one intention and that is to make a profit for its shareholders. When I began to research for-profit colleges and read the definition of a for-profit college that made one thing perfectly clear, these colleges do not place the best intentions of their students first.  There only reason for operation is to make a profit for well-off individuals or companies. If I had known that fact alone would that have been enough for me not to enroll and maybe go to a community college.  The answer is yes.


For-profit colleges are often a scam aimed at the needy they target the most vulnerable. When people pay the high tuition they are led to believe there will be return for the money, and they are investing in their future.  There have been many times they find the degrees aren’t worth the paper they are written on, and are of little help in a competitive job market. Tough economic times will always leave opportunities for financial gain for the unethical in our society. High unemployment numbers have been sending many people back to school to retrain with the hope that their new skills will land them a job. This left an open door for the for-profit colleges to walk through.  They sell false hope to the desperate for a better life. What they put into play is an outrageous tuition, they have left many students in hock and no better off then they were before. An education at a community college that costs $3,000 can cost over $50,000 at a private college. Along with this there is no proof that for- profit schools offer a superior education. (2012) Kaiser, Kristine. Give, Our Community Colleges more Support. The HighPoint


What advice would I give to any person looking into returning the school: Take few extra days and do the research. Look at your community colleges and what they have to offer, examine the financial aid available to you. This is a life choice and make your decision with that in mind and never to make a choice like that in a desperate frame of mind. If you are left with the feeling you are being pushed into making a decision you are not comfortable with, listen to that little voice.