While discussing the uprising that was taking place in Bahrain, its crown prince had this interesting comment,  “…at the end of the day we all are going to have to live in the same country together and talk to one another.”  That is something we should pay attention to here in this country.  I found out another very interesting fact.  The ruling family of Bahrain and 30% of the population is Sunni and it is the Shiites who are protesting.  In Saudi Arabia, the Shiite population is down around 10 -15%.  The problem is that the Saudi oil region is in the largely Shiite area of the country.

I find it interesting that we (i.e., Gates) are urging the countries of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as well as Egypt, Tunisia, et al to negotiate with the people and move to grant them more of the economic pie.  At the same time, here at home, the government has declared war on the poor and middle class and is doing just about everything they can to destroy us.  Here the disparity between the “haves” and “have-nots” is even greater.  I just heard on the radio that as soon as the glitch in foreclosures is taken care of the banks are ready to ramp up their assault.   The only thing the states haven’t done is declare Martial Law.  I am sure, if our protests gain anymore footing, Martial Law cannot very far behind.

Given the disposition of wealth and the contempt the Tea Party/GOP seem to have for the poor and the middle class in this country, I am not sure we will be able to live in the same country.  I know they won’t kill all of us because who would they get to clean their chamber pots?