As I have written and commented on for more than a year, The Lumina Foundation has been selected for some time as the wrecking ball against the public commons, especially in terms of higher ed.

Lumina is the kitechn cabinet of the Department of Education under Obama and the new Race to the Top for higher education, or the Obama 20/20 plan (which Lumina wrote).

What happened is that like in the Godfather, two crime syndicates sat on the roof of the Hotel Havana (metaphorically) and divided up their territoties, duties and responsibilities in this case, to decimate teachers, unions, students and learning for Wall Street concerns — for organized crime.

Lumina and Gates ‘cut the cake’ and Lumina got the higher ed piece to tackle, while Gates got the K-12.

Of course Wall Street was and is all behind this but the plutocrats largess was in great need to capitalize on the 2008 Financial Crisis.

As Rahm Emmanuel, the illegal mayor of Chicago said, before he closed 50 schools last week, ‘capitalize on every crisis’.  Milton Freedman and the Chicago School of Economics was in the throat box of Emmanuel.

Same here.  Lumina is responsible for the ‘take down’ and ‘take over’ of every community college that is public in the country.  They act in tandem with the government, meaning that they are partnering in crime with government and of course stealing taxpayer monies to subsidize their crime spree.

The arrogant visage of James Merisotis, the CEO of Lumina

The Lumina Plan for higher education can be studied and analyzed by going to:

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

The following just came in. 

Now that Lumina has left bruises on CCSF or even set the clock for closure with their ACCJC, nothing more than a bought and paid for ‘Standard and Poors’ of colleges that rates ‘them, as if they were a stock for the benefit of insider trading, is left (ACCJC).

With their victory, at least so far, at CCSF, Lumina is now turning up the heat.  They are boldly announcing that they will have a ‘meeting’ with Trustees from colleges this year.

They know, as did the criminals perched on the roof of the Havana Hotel in the movie classic, The Godfather, that cities and municipalities, pension funds, and whole public entities are broke.  What a great day to ‘capitalize on crisis’, find some lap dog politicians and trustees, pay-off if you have to and control at all costs.

Lumina has one goal: deliver higher education into the hands of Wall Street by destroying the public commons.

Take a look:


“Community College Trustees up and down the state of California are receiving an invitation to the following conference in October — featured  speaker is from Lumina Foundation”

October 1-2 in Fort Worth, Texas. Pre-conference
webcast on August 5

“Many institutions have been financially unsustainable for years. Economic conditions force institutions to restructure their program offerings and provoke critical questions and challenges for campus leaders. Which programs are most important to the institutions main mission, overall financial health, and competiveness?”

How do you ensure your institution is stronger as a result of prioritization?
Join Bob Dickerson and Larry Goldstein (mine: book and seminar peddlers and Lumina luminaries)for an in-depth examination of a proven  method for prioritizing academic and administrative programs.

Institutions are encouraged to bring a team of faculty and administrators to the conference.”

Sure, of course bring high paid administrators to the conference for they have to learn the ALEC like talking points and pressure points in order to earn their pay as they destroy civilian and youth lives.

From the voice of Occupied Bob, veteran of the wars against Lumina and for keeping City College of San Francisco (CCSF) open:

“Anyone from CCSF going?”

That might be a good idea.