According to the Career College Association, a leading lobby group for the for-profit universities that operate like predator drones:

“The avalanche of support continues, this time from Brig. Gen. John Castellaw, former deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for programs and resources:

“For-profit schools are often the best choice for veterans. Years ago, I attended the American Military University, a for-profit institution, and earned a degree that made me more competitive for selection as brigadier general. Due to my frequent transfers and assignments to remote locations, no comparable nonprofit college was available. I am living proof that these institutions provide a critical resource to service men and women” (Thursday, September 16, 2010, Military Leadership Speak Out in Favor of For-Profit Colleges (

That’s the ‘university’ that now goes by the name of The American Public University System, a publicly traded New York Stock Exchange education wholesaler.  It is also the home of the torture lecturer, Larry Forness, whom I wrote about at: (Does the American Military University (AMU) teach torture to its students or has it taught torture in the past? Wikileaks, March 29th, 2010,   

The school is now ginning up to partner with Wal-Mart to ‘offer’ a ‘college education’ to $9.00 an hour employees.  It also faces lawsuits by students and whistleblowers.

Castellaw goes on to note:

“America’s for-profit colleges are invaluable resources for millions of Americans. They provide our economy with roughly one-half of its technically trained workers. They help displaced workers train for new employment or improve the skills of workers seeking to raise their incomes. And they do so more effectively than even our great community college system, producing graduation rates 20 percent higher.

For-profit schools are particularly valuable for veterans. Unlike traditional college freshmen, veterans often return home to busy schedules dominated by work and family. They require the flexible course schedules and online classes that are the hallmarks of for-profit schools. As shown by my example, the needs of veterans often cannot be met by traditional nonprofit schools” (ibid).

This, of course, is all part and parcel of the lobbying efforts and astro-turf organizations now saddled up with large amounts of corporate cash that seek to stop new regulations, known as the ‘gainful employment’ regulations, that the Obama administration hopes to pass by November in an effort to curb criminal abuses by the predatory sub-prime schools.

You can see more about the for-profit predatory colleges next week at  I will be covering the private ownership of the means of the educational industry in depth.  Sufficient to say, the military industrial complex is not only swallowing our young citizens, killing innocent civilians and bankrupting the country, but they now are firmly in charge of some of the leading Wall Street for-profit colleges that sell nightmares as dreams, and education as a commodity to a deracinated portion of our public that sees no chance in civilian life.  These colleges cannot be regulated; they operate like the mafia and should be indicted under the RICCO Act.

Please look for my article at next week.  It will offer extensive coverage of the criminal conspiracy known as ‘for-profit’ colleges and universities.