It reminds me of “The Body Snatchers.”   They sneak around and infiltrate the government so they can take over the country while no one is looking.  They tell you that there is no difference, so necessary to the deadly infection of apathy they are trying to spread.  They turn the people they have converted against the people they haven’t so no one will notice how heinous they are.  Who are “they?”  They are the Republicans, the Tea-baggers.  The infected blindly follow the hateful rants of the likes of Palins, the Becks, the O’ Reillys, and the Limbaughs.  Like the parasitized victims of classic horror films these converted act repeatedly against their own self-interest as the unearthly body snatchers loot and pillage.

How do we know that there are differences between the Republicans/Tea-baggers and Democrats?  It is simple.  LOOK at all the money those parasites are raising- millions of dollars at a crack.  Across the country they are pouring billions into their campaign to take over.  All the while they are trying to spread the word that there is no difference, so as to discourage the uninfected from voting.

Sharon Angle raised $14 million in three months.  Obviously “they” see the difference they are trying to hide from you.  What does she want to do?  The same things that Bush tried to do.  She wants to erase any regulations that would protect our environment and allow their corporations to rape the planet.  She wants to eliminate Social Security.  She wants to eliminate Medicare.  They want to continue the foreclosures and steal the rest of any wealth the middle class has managed to hold on to.  They will live in their gated communities and the rest of us will be left to search dumpsters for something to eat.

It is very important to them that you think there is no difference as they plot their takeover.  VOTE, your life does depend on it.