This is article and info graphic by Guest Writer Jocelyn Blore

There’s something comforting about the public library. It has long been a symbol of knowledge and a sanctuary for curious minds, rich and poor. Patrons can run their fingers along the spines of the classics or cozy up with a well-worn travel guide to escape a rainy afternoon. Despite these benefits, however, visits have been declining in recent decades and 57% of American libraries reported flat or reduced budgets in 2011. And it’s not for lack of modern conveniences, either. Keeping with the times, most public libraries across the U.S. have adopted computers and 62% report that they’re the sole provider of free Internet in their communities. Some believe that as computer use and WiFi access become ubiquitous, the library will continue its descent into the annals of history. I, for one, hope we can preserve these non-hyperlinked refuges for our intellects. Plus, sneeze if you must, but nothing compares to the smell of time-tested books.

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