The Woman Who Tried to Stop the War on Iran


iran war


Below is a mind boggling half hour Press TV documentary about former White House adviser Gwynneth Todd. In it she briefly describes the battle she, and others in the Pentagon establishment, waged to fight efforts by AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to provoke a US attack on Iran.

Todd strongly implicates AIPAC in the US decision to invade Iraq. As she tells it, the disastrous ten year occupation of Iraq was less about securing its oil for US oil companies – than about securing a NATO foothold in the Middle East to invade Iran.

It’s clear AIPAC has their own powerful allies in the Pentagon, who have gone a lot further than manufacturing phony propaganda about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons industry (which, according to the CIA, is non-existent). These people play really dirty, and their efforts to shut Todd up included the murder of one of her Turkish clients.

Todd escaped to Australia in 2007 to afford prosecution on trumped up charges – or worse.



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iran war

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