Survival, How Hard Can It Be? Part 2″ was going to be the name of this installment.  However, I see that someone else on “Daily Censored” also appears to be calling for a revolution of sorts…

Yesterday I wrote about the need to refocus our priorities on us.  Fighting wars, half way around the world, to ostensibly protect this country is pretty ridiculous if one, those wars keep generating new enemies and two, that for lack of funds, this country is on the verge of collapse.  All this makes funding those wars pretty silly.  I also called for eliminating wasteful spending at home.  Things like paying a subsidy to Big Agra to grow corn or paying R & D for the development of a missile system to shoot down missiles.  Basically, it is shooting a bullet with a bullet.  They do not work.  We have spent billions and have yet to get a successful test of the system.

We need to do all that, but I sidestepped the hardest thing we need to do.  We need to redistribute the money in this country, pure and simple.  I wrote yesterday about taxes and jobs and spending. I wrote about bankruptcies.  Jerry Brown is causing a stir with the counties and cities in California because he has to cut $25 billion out of the state budget.  The state is going broke.  The Cities and counties say that the cuts will cause more unemployment and they will go broke.   I call that collapse.  Why?  No one is spending any money.  Why?  No one has any money to spend.  Why? Because all the money is in the hands of a relatively few people.

Before TARP and all the rest of the real estate foreclosures that have steadily been transferring wealth to the top 5%, this was the distribution of our wealth in 2007

Since 2007, astronomical sums of $$$ have been stolen from the green and moved to the red.  Simply put, the reason we do not have enough money to run the government, or anything else, is because we don’t have any money.  The rich and the super rich have it all.

To tie in an earlier blog, the reason that some one can make this shoe…

and sell it for $1,100 is because there are 61,000,000 people who can afford it.  Meanwhile, there are 246,000,000 of us who are either homeless or about to lose our jobs, our homes, our health insurance, and our pensions.  We live in cities, counties, and states that are about to go bankrupt, while those privileged 20% live in nice little gated communities or very secure apartment buildings.

NOW, do you see why we cannot afford to give tax breaks to the very rich?  The taxes on these folk must be increased and then transferred back to the rest of us.

I am not a socialist.  I do not want to take all they have, I just want enough that the rest of the country can again run smoothly.   Stay tuned for part 3.