The Apollo Group (partially owned by the Carlyle Group) is really ramping up its advertising, spending $665 million this year (as it closes more than 100 physical sites) (


The Apollo Group owns The University of Phoenix which receives eighty nine percent if not more, of its revenue from you, the taxpayer who will bail out the banks again once the stolen swag by Apollo in the form of student loans for phony diplomas comes home to roost.

Meanwhile, corporate media outlets and the internet will see huge revenue increases as the for-profit drive-by college spends your tax funds on promoting their criminal enterprise.  Apollo spends MORE than any other advertiser on the internet!

Apollo has now recruited Black-reactionary celebrities (Al Sharpton, Phylicia Rashad), Black athletes (Larry Fitzgerald), and an organization that caters to children of color (Boys and Girls Clubs) to sell their predatory message.  This, while their stock plummets, the insider trading goes unabated, thousands of employees are laid off and the theft at the trough of taxpayer funds continues, Apollo is on the hunt for minority students unable to get a public education.

The sell-out corporate black leaders and celebrities have no problem selling their souls to the same for-profit colleges that leave Black people by the side of the road after serving up an obedience based curriculum that is not worth the paper it is printed on, let alone the billions of dollars in student loans that the college profits from.


The Apollo Group is now a consortium of some of the most rancid criminals in the world.

Fortunately, people are becoming conscious:

A 2012 book “African American Families Today: Myths and Realities” written by Earl Smith (Wake Forest University) and Angela Hattery (George Mason
University) includes “a note about for-profit colleges.” In this section
(pp 79-80), the authors state that proprietary schools
“target…minorities, college dropouts, the unemployed and underemployed, soldiers returning from war, felons about to exit prison, and middle-aged
divorced women-who are vulnerable to their exploitive tactics.”

Professors Smith and Hattery add that these for-profit predators “lure student ‘consumers’ in by promising that student loans will pay for the
cost of the entire degree, that they can earn a degree entirely online, and that this degree will translate into the higher paying careers that have
eluded them. In reality, most students who enter these types of programs never graduate, they wind up with tens of thousands of dollars in student
loans, and they never achieve the careers they are looking for.”

In other for-profit college news, the charter school gravy train Choo-Choos on.  And who do you think is getting into the business of high school ‘education’?  Why the Apollo Group, of course (

Take a look (above)  at the gravy train described by Forbes that charters have provided to Wall St. and that I document in my 2008 book, ‘Charter school movement: history, politics, policies, economics and effectiveness (

High school students:  Look for a projector, computer and a ‘call center’ coming near you!  Even though criminal Apollo keeps getting caught with their pants down, they know the Obama administration in the form of Eric Holder and the ‘Injustice Department’ will never prosecute them let alone levy sufficient fines!  So, with this in mind why not increase ‘market share’ and go for high schools?

Then there is the Western International University (a subsidiary of Apollo Group) that appears to be using surveys for aggressive marketing toward women. Note that they use the words “lure of a college degree” in their recruitment rhetoric (

And on a very interesting note: Dr. Pepicello, a member of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (they advise the Secretary of Education on higher education or better yet tell him what to do) has officially “retired” as the president of the University of Phoenix.

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! (  Take a look below for what the NACIQI is responsible for and just why you are paying Dr. Pepicello:

Purpose and Importance of the NACIQI

“The Committee advises the Secretary of Education on matters related to postsecondary (or higher education) accreditation and the eligibility and certification process for higher education institutions to participate in the Federal student aid programs. Its primary function is to provide recommendations to the Secretary concerning whether accrediting entities’ standards are sufficiently rigorous and effective in their application to ensure that the entity is a reliable authority regarding the quality of the education or training provided by the institutions or programs it accredits. To meet that high standard, accrediting entities must demonstrate compliance with all the criteria for recognition. (See below for more information about the criteria for recognition.) If an accrediting entity is then recognized by the Secretary, then the postsecondary institutions it accredits may apply to participate in the Federal student aid programs. The Committee’s recommendations help ensure that the students who enroll in those institutions, and who receive an estimated $158 billion in Federal student aid annually, are attending quality postsecondary institutions.”

Then there is the DeVry Institute another for-profit college scam.  DeVry, which has two for-profit medical schools in the Caribbean, is accepting hundreds of students who were rejected by U.S. medical colleges. These students amass more debt than their U.S. counterparts — a median of $253,072 in June 2012 at AUC versus $170,000 for 2012 graduates of U.S. medical schools.

And that gap is even greater because the U.S. figure, compiled by the Association of American Medical Colleges, includes student debt incurred for undergraduate or other degrees, while the DeVry number is only federal medical school loans (

The accrediting agencies are of course involved, for they are owned and operated by the for-profits.  And though neither AUC nor Ross, in the island nation of Dominica, is accredited by the body that approves medical programs in the U.S., students at both schools are eligible for loans issued by the U.S. Education Department. The loans, which totaled about $310 million in the year ended June 2012, leave the U.S. taxpayer — not DeVry — on the hook if students should fail to get jobs and be unable to repay them.

Finally, it would be pure neglect if we did not include the comments of employees, former employees and others when it comes to Corinthian College.  Yes, another for-profit fraud has posted comments on the web by current and former workers.  You thought the UoP comments were bad that were posted last week (

Take a look at what they are saying about Corinthian College, a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.


The following comments can be found at



It may be only a matter of time before Corinthians, University of Phoenix, or another school like them feels the same political pressure that Enron did before it collapsed.

Remember the audio tapes that came out, revealing just how crooked and predatory Enron was?

SEC investigations and attorneys general investigations continue, major lawsuits. Here’s some chatter from Corinthians (Heald, Wyotech, Everest)…

“Anonymous , Wednesday 9/18/13 6:20 PM

I hope students, taxpayers and lawmakers are seeing the true spirit of this company emerging from the comments. No true university would have these types of issues and personalities in one place….friggin’ amazing. I am posting this link everywhere I can think of to get the word out.”

“Anonymous , Wednesday 9/18/13 1:54 PM

There are too many: Niggers, Kikes and Spics here. They’re the reason why this place is going down hill. Their big noses are breathing all the white mans air!!!”

“Anonymous , Wednesday 9/18/13 1:34 AM

I see it this way……the problem is the people cci hires. If the company wasn’t a joke then the stocks wouldn’t suck and admissions would be great. But since cci is based on profit only the people that really see the greed and poor quality education we give is our customers. I tell my students, the ones that can actually read, to go to a traditional school that actually has a academic standards. I also call their parents and confer with them.”

“Anonymous , Tuesday 9/17/13 2:57 AM

SS directors their private churches BMW 7 series Mercedes - fake weaves clothes so tight it is clear under garments are something they prefer not to wear -only one director who cares about the team others lie cheat steal - and they r women of The Lord!!! LPH and her (:-ss kisser helper in a new used car pretending to be a big shot!! All these protected women of the church!!! Taking a single momma if four pay check by the reaper himself who has an ongoing affair with a SME!!!”

“Anonymous , Monday 9/16/13 9:38 PM

Please tell me that they got rid of Lisa Pointer-Holmes, Wanda Ramos,Aisha James. I bet they did not. It seems that if your whole family works there in the case of Wanda Ramos. or not educated enough to write a simple memo with Aisha James or if you go around saying “God is Great all the Time” then stabs you in the back like Lisa Pointer-Holmes your safe. just collect that money ladies because after this place goes bankrupt your best bet will be welfare in the case of Aisha James and “would you like fries with that” for Lisa Pointer-Holmes and Wanda Ramos”

“Anonymous, , Monday 9/16/13 3:19 PM

Give everything until the end of the year and then maybe CCI will convert themselves into a collection call center and collect all the necessary funds from the DOE and return them to the students they have ripped-off over the years and get rid of all departments especially Admissions & Finance the real culprits!!!”

“Anonymous , Monday 9/16/13 2:40 PM

Sure they closed/downsized all departments that are SERVICE generated to students. They have always focused far more on the MONEY GENERATED DEPTS - Admissions and Finance, the slimmest groups of people. CCI does not ever care about helping/servicing the students- its all an appearance for the half watchful eye of the government. And rather than make attempts to transfer or give good employees other opportunities they cut them- and then GO OUT AND REHIRE their buddies/girlfriends/bed partners to fill any gaps. It’s crazy unfair”

“Anonymous , Monday 9/16/13 1:41 PM

I’m shocked if there are ANY student service departments left- they used that dept knowing that it would be a temporarily fix to appease the government- but the minute they showed real progress they started getting rid of people foolishly thinking that they did enough to show that they are a company “who cares” about the American people.”

“Anonymous , Sunday 9/15/13 9:37 PM

Heald college salespeople (oops admission advisers) have been told to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to round up the cattle. Heald in Milpitas next to the Great Mall has sales hours of 9 AM to 1 AM along with visiting elmwood correctional facility to get convicts to go into the “booming criminal justice field”.”

“Soon to be ex-employee, by choice , Sunday 9/15/13 4:19 AM

Many people lost their jobs last week… why weren’t they hourly offered open jobs… they were interviewing at the same time they laid off employees… why don’t they get their act together and stop making mistakes with funding… just sent over $10 million back to DOE for 11/12 award year… for improper verification… got hit last year for improper refunds… if everyone, including SFS, would do their jobs correctly it would have saved a few jobs…

Anonymous , Thursday 9/12/13 8:08 PM

Its just a matter of time before Everest looses its accreditation. Corinthian tried everything to buy some time with the default rates. Having students defer their loans only postpones the the reality. DOE, law makers, and attorney generals from various states are seeking to revoke Everest accreditation very soon. It is amazing that Everest lasted this long with all the false numbers they reported. Dept of Ed is getting to much heat for keeping Everest in business they will be acting soon.

Anonymous , Tuesday 9/10/13 1:46 PM

Oh Parthenon was awesome!!!! You losers need to play the game and be unethical. Its one of the pillars you know. The underlining CCI Motto is: Its not who you know but who you blow…..

Anonymous , Monday 9/09/13 9:00 PM

I just read the CCI settled $10million dollar suite- for false placement stats posted in NY. Someone in Florida should be suing them, as they always exaggerated their placement rates- especially in Florida. They would misplace students on purpose just to satisfy their numbers, had nothing to do with the benefit or interest of the student and program being studied. Good for you NY!!!!!

“Anonymous , Wednesday 6/12/13 2:44 PM

Genesis loans- what are they 14%? How do they expect active unemployed students to make mandatory payments WHILE in school. It’s horrible our campus reps chase down the students in class, hallways, in person by phone and use extremely hard core tactics to collect. Our campus in Broward County FL is extremely aggressive, every time I see them chasing down a student I say “why”- why give people these loans when even on paper its plain to see that they are unemployed and unable to make current payments of any amount. This definitely should be stopped.”

“Anonymous , Wednesday 6/12/13 2:38 PM

I’m out of that dishonest rat race as an admissions rep, but they should investigate these Genesis loans (anyone could get one, pushing co-signers w/o knowing the whole deal), check to see if these people have ligit mailing addresses (homesless do NOT have addresses or contact phone numbers- how do you expect to collect on loans?), they are constantly using their dipolomas/transcripts as a means for collection (I’m still not certain that this is a legal practice, stronger tactics should be used upfront for these loans and not the other way around). Encouraging those who are not physically, mentally able should not be encouraged to go thru certain programs ie massage therapy, patient care. Sales people paint unrealistic and unfair pictures to those who are vulnerable. Hard to prove these types of things unless they are recorded- including the directors who set the tone. It’s all b.s. and everyone knows it.”

More from the backstage at Corinthian Colleges at:

“Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:38 PM

There is nothing good about wyocrap. Art Herman has no clue what he is doing or how to lead. Employers call almost on a daily basis saying our. “Graduated” students do not know even the basics to be productive. The work atomosphere here has been terrible ever since Art Herman and Mark Reynolds have been in charge and apparently the employee surveys mean nothing. There is so much bad energy among people that work here you can see it and smell it walking in every morning. You have to watch your and cover your ass on a daily basis because of all the “back stabbing” that goes on. If your a prospective student stay away. If your a potential future employee stay away for your own well being. Many of us have all ready been looking for new jobs else where. This is and has been a sinking ship!!!”

“Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:14 PM

I’m shocked placement is even 16%, out of those however many got jobs that were NOT directly course study related. I have a friend who went there and is doing front desk at a medical clinic. Common complaint.”

“Anonymous (WE MUST ALL), Saturday 9/21/13 5:54 PM

Be pro-active in educating people to AVOID these types of schools! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising- thru fb/twitter/gmail, etc.- INFORM, ADVISE, WARN…..its the only way to override this shameful scam of a business.”

“Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 5:49 PM

I totally agree with the last posted comment, Jack and his Corporate Leaders aka: flunkies should be ashamed of themselves, I too have gotten many deferments, & forbearance because the degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on thus leaving me and countless other students scrambling to find employment so that we can pay the government back instead of defaulting on our loans and ruining our credit”

“Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 2:41 PM

Ukk these countless remarks of such bad behavior and misconduct gets me absolutely sick- at the cost of $6,0000-50,0000 to the students. Crazy. I have consolidated soooo many loans that weren’t worth the paper they are written on. What a waste of money- the government really has to promote more community based programs and colleges, more on trade. I’d be very embarrassed if I were Jack and the many other leaders of what they represent. It’s really sickening”

“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 3:29 PM

Well its a shotty product run by shotty characters, that pay high bucks for those who can’t manage honestly and effectively- and continuously mislead students. They can’t even follow their own lead. Our directors here are a bunch of phonies and totally unprofessional but if you are able to speak effectively to a crowd this seems to impress and secure your job. I hope the company gets exactly what they have given out.”

“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 1:48 PM

cci is a company that has way to many illegal practices going on to help anyone. The students, employees, and communities that it operates in all suffer.”

“Anonymous , Wednesday 5/22/13 11:59 PM

thats b.s.- rose colored eyes….keep your mouths shut, remain annonomous because trust me you will be standing alone- just vent when you can while you look for a job. In the real world it does not work that way, for those who are good workers, get revenge by leaving. However if someone sexually harrasses you, does something unethical while you are there by all means don’t put up with it. But all the other complaints can’t and won’t change because it is the company itself who hires these b.s. directors/Presidents. And no matter they have heard and seen most complaints- and nothing changes, its that very mentality that they promote. I can’t tell you how many directors have broken severe rules and have gotten away with it- all for the sake of money. That is a company thing, not a person thing. Just get another job like I did….”

“Anonymous , Tuesday 5/21/13 2:57 PM

Pompano has long since been considered a lucky campus- with high enrollments over years, but we take everyone including those who are homeless, severe mental disabilities, its almost like a mental institution the element that they take advantage of. It should be illegal- you don’t have an address, a frame of clear reference you should not be taking USA’s money for loans. Now I ask you what are the changes they will be able to pay over $25,000 in loans- most drop out if they don’t get a clear pass by instructors. But by that time who cares, the school has some money. I don’t always feel so good about myself being here but I cant be without a job.”