After reports that Venezuela is preparing for armed conflict with Colombia in the near future, the Daily Telegraph is reporting that tensions have heightened in the region, and the war threat has escalated. The Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia, Gustavo Marquez, warns that “there is a pre-war situation in the entire region”.
Four members of the Venezuelan national guard were detained last week by Colombian forces alleging that they were on Colombian territory. Also last week, the BBC reported that Colombian Defense Minister, Gabriel Silva, accused the Venezuelan National Guard of blowing up two pedestrian bridges along the Venezuela-Colombian border that allowed civilians to pass between the two countries. Silva describes this as violating International Law.

“Uniformed men, apparently from the Venezuelan army, arrived in trucks on the Venezuelan side at two pedestrian bridges that link communities on both sides… and then proceeded to dynamite them,” -Gabriel Silva, Colombian Defense Minister

Both Venezuelan and Colombian soldiers have been sent to the border of the two countries, and Colombia has created a new division of its army specifically to patrol the border.