It is time to call spades spades.  Libya is and was fighting a civil war.  The administration claims that  we are there for a humanitarian reason.  Horsesh&t.  We are there because Libya has OIL.  We are there because NATO asked us to be there.  Who is NATO if it isn’t us?  France and Great Britain have a bigger dog in this fight than we do because they get a lot of their oil from Libya.  If the “rebels” win, who is going to help them get the oil out of the ground?  Obviously, it will be western oil companies who will volunteer.

The other claim is that the Arab league asked us to come in.  We need to look at the Middle East as countries, but, at the same time, we must see them as Sunnis and Shiites.  The Arab League is primarily Sunni, who are oppressing Shiites.  They would like to gain better control over the oil there.

We have jumped into a civil war and we (at least the public) have no idea who the rebels are?  Regardless of what side we come down on, we will be killing civilians and will have another nation to build.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this nation is collapsing.  The Tea Bag/GOP is slaughtering the middle-class here at home as the administration is looking the other way.  There is all this talk of vital interests in that or the other country.   WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE VITAL INTERESTS IN THIS COUNTRY.

We give hundreds of billions of dollars to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the BANKS.  And here at home we are slashing education, health care, kicking people out of their own homes after defrauding them with criminal mortgages.  The only people we put in jail are poor people.  If by mistake, we sentence a rich person to jail, it is a country club jail.  WTF.  Cities, counties, and states are going bankrupt.  We have a civil war in this country and the people are losing.