This past week we learned why Barak Obama chose John Kerry as his Secretary of State. Before the entire world at a press conference in Belgium, the representative of American foreign policy, President Barak Obama, stated with a straight face that he was against the Iraq War before he was for it.
He then went on to rationalize the difference between our “humanitarian intervention” into the country of Iraq compared to Putin’s “brutal invasion of a sovereign nation”. We had actually consulted with the world community.
George Bush, of “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” lore, could not get the backing of the United Nations in their Security Council for a resolution supporting American military insertion into a sovereign country.
So, where in that lack of approval did Barak Obama cipher international community consent?
Do any of us remember George Bush in his tuxedo at a fundraiser joking about the inability of his investigators to find WMD in Iraq after we had invaded on that pretext_”it’s not over here, maybe it’s over there” he said as he lifted the cloth that covered the dais…”nope, it’s not under here”. The audience of soon to be exponentially richer entrepreneurs in the military industrial war provisions enterprises laughed.
And Americans sought excuses not to fully comprehend the lack of consciousness and/or heart of this “man of God”, this born again Christian president, by escaping to their entertainment centers.
Death toll for American soldiers to date in Iraq, 4,801. For the Iraqi people_one million?
It was reported that at the end of that press conference, not a single clap was heard for Barak Obama. But our American president then just shuffled away from the stage with that loose basketball jock saunter we associate with a super star. Attitude supercedes integrity.
Let me remind you of Secretary of State, John Kerry’s words several weeks ago in his mystified musings of “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” This from the winter soldier returned from Vietnam who said appearing before Senator Fulbright’s hearing on Vietnam, “How can you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”
So Secretary Kerry was against dying for a mistake before he was for sending off others’ children and parents to die for one.
Hardly a flinch in the antenna of the American consciousness or among its Corporate Enabling Media. Am I the only one who saw such glaring hypocrisy and dishonesty from both a secretary of state and an American president?
I guess there’s nothing to report there, right? It’s what passes for “All presidents lie”. They have to. It’s in the national interest. Surely nobody would question that, right?
Back to our video games_more virtual reality than you bargained for, our big screen television monitors with high definition Reality tv, our Kindles for fleeting flights of escape, and headphones with total surround sound -deadening effect.
Wake up, America. You’re suffering from sensory deprivation of your souls.
__Bob of Occupy