You know you live in a great country when a candidate for Governor in South Carolina says that providing welfare for the poor is like feeding stray animals while John Travolta flies a planeful of supplies to Haiti.

According to Andre Bauer — he’s the gubernatorial candidate — handing out welfare promotes the unemployed and underemployed to breed like rabbits.  As an individual who was given free lunches in school, Mr. Bauer is now saying he regrets his words.  It might be best to fire his speechwriter, which I assume, is himself.  By the way, this is same guy would held done the SC Govenor’s masion when Mark Sanford was in Argentina negotiating peace with a member of the indigenous population.

And who would want their kid to grow up acting like a Hollywood celebrity?  Someone like John Travolta who makes violent movies and practices Scientology may be a little much for many people.  The man also cried when his son died, and flew his own plane to Haiti so he could deliver six tons of food and doctors to the needed.  By the way, these are the same people that Rev. Pat Robertson said deserved their fate.  I’m sure it will get even worse now that a scientologist has been added to the satanic voodoo landscape that is Haiti.

What is missing in all of this is why.  Why do people like Bauer lash out at the underprivileged while folks like Travolta are willing to spend millions to help strangers?  That’s a tough question, and one that most reporters forget to ask.