As the media deals with erruptions in the Middle East and elsewhere as so many bee bees in a bag what is overlooked is that the US has been and is now involved in World War Three.

Actions in Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan and more can only be seen under the umbrella of a third world war.  This is Orwell’s permanent war for permanent peace but no one is buying it.  All thinking humans know that World War Three is a resource war waged for dominance over oil and other rich mineral deposits notably in Africa.

Meanwhile while World War three is hidden under the cloak of various country uprisings, Americans will continue to feel poverty, hunger, loss of any decent social contract and continual decay, both materially and subjectively.

Obama is little more than a ‘mesero’ or waiter for the military industrial complex.  His role is to put a civilian face on the permanent third world war and he is failing badly.

It is not ironic nor does it go without stating that without democrats we would never have had a Vietnam war, Iran-Contra war, Iraq war, Afghan war or any of the other military escapades we have suffered under Empire..

There has not been one war for so-called freedom since World War II.  Not one military man or woman has died to protect any of my freedoms since the end of the second world war.  Nor has there been a congressional approval of any war since Rooselvelt’s declaration of war.

See for an interview with Wesley Clark ovre this issue.

While we witness what the media tells us are uprisings in various countries keep in mind that they are all connected to the resource wars that are cascading now and promise to break the damn in the future.