Read Hillary Clinton’s message to every woman on International Women’s Day

In a video posted to Snapchat on International Women’s Day, Hillary Clinton urged women to “resist” and assert themselves politically.

“There’s a lot to fight for: Planned Parenthood, education, health care, jobs,” Clinton said in the video, published Wednesday. “Every issue is a women’s issue. So stand up, resist, run for office. Be a champion.”

During the election Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got some much backlash from her response to a young woman in Minnesota who appears to challenge Clinton on whether she has a plan on addressing diversity of elected officials. Clinton said: “Why don’t you go run for something then…” . And on International Women’s Day, in a video posted on Snapchat. Hillary Clinton has again urged women to “resist” and assert themselves politically.

On Wednesday, she also commemorated International Women’s Day by retweeting a child’s note inviting a classmate to “join a club for female empowerment.”