The school in England where they have been wearing the same uniform for 460 years

Christ’s Hospital, also called the Bluecoat School, Housey and CH, is an English coeducational independent day and boarding school with Royal Charter located in the Sussex countryside just south of Horsham in West Sussex, that follows much of public schools tradition.

It is a charity school, giving children from poorer backgrounds the chance to have a better education. The school was founded in the 16th century in Greyfriars, London and Ware, with the school moving in 1902 to its present location in West Sussex. A girls’ school was founded in Hertford which then merged with the boys’ school in the 1980s.’

The uniform is one of the School’s most public and enduring features. It is remarkable that in this age of rapidly-changing fashions, the outer long blue coat and distinctive yellow socks have remained virtually unchanged for over 460 years.

In recent years pupils have been given the opportunity to complete a survey expressing their opinions of the iconic Tudor uniform and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The pupils see the uniform as “a very important part of the School’s history and heritage.”